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In order to respect the quality of the articles, here are our recommendations for maintaining your Kosha clothes:

Wash at 30 ° C with similar colours (moderate process).
For cotton, modal, viscose, polyacrylic, polyester and polyamide type articles. Reduce the amount of laundry. Avoid spinning or short spinning to minimize the risk of wrinkling.

Drum drying prohibited.
Items that can not withstand machine drying.

It is not recommended to iron the products. If necessary, iron at low temperature.
Iron at a maximum temperature of 110 ° C (corresponding to polyacrylic, polyamide (nylon), acetate): If necessary, shiny or pressure sensitive parts can be ironed with a cloth or ironed at the same time. towards. Attention when using steam iron (in principle, do not use steam). Do not distort.

Do not iron the labels and logo's.

Dry cleaning with mineral spirits.
Moderate cleaning process with strict limitation of mechanical stress and / or the addition of moisture and / or temperature. Stain removers with solvents should not be used.

Bleaching prohibited.
Bleaching is not allowed. Use detergent products without bleach.

Kosha, ethical Belgian brand of activewear selling high-quality sports leggings and bras
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